Textile Dyestuffs

We do commercialized dyestuffs for textiles, made from world lead international suppliers which have a complete range of products for this industry, covering almost every kind of fibers as well as specifications and requirements. All products comply with all International legal requirements.

Dyes for cellulose: dyestuffs range for cellulose dyeing is large due to the availability of products for different applications for this sector.

  • Directs:
    Excellent light fatness dyes.
  • Reactives:
    Mono chlorine triazine, Vinyl sulfonic, bi-functional; according to fastness and shades requirements.
  • Sulfur:
    High fastness for work cloth
  • Indigo:
    Powder and paste product for denim
  • For Polyester:
    Dyes of low, medium and high energy, high fastness and for the automotive industry
  • To polyamide and wool:
    Reactive, acids, metal complex; for bright and high fastness to low cost process.
  • For acrylic:
    Powder to dyeing of acrylic and cationic polyester, as well as liquids for gel dyeing.