Pretreatment Auxiliaries

We feature auxiliary products for the processing of fibers, garment and yarn pre-cleaning; synthetic, artificial, natural as well as their blends, for continuous and exhaust processes, in order to ensure that the textiles comply with optimum conditions to the next process, including bleaching, dyeing, printing or finishing. We also offer de-sizing enzymes, (bio blasting), peroxide killer, detergents, and optical brighteners.

  • De-sizing:
    Alpha amylase enzymes
  • Bio-brush:
    Cellulose; acid and neutral enzymes
  • Peroxide killer:
    Catalyze enzymes
  • Humectants:
    Non-ionic tension actives (surfactants)
  • Detergents:
    Non-ionic for continuous and exhaust processes
  • Optical brighteners:
    To Cellulose; neutral and bluish
    To Polyester: Reddish and bluish
    To Polyamide: Neutral
    To Acrylic;: Neutral
  • Peroxide stabilizers:
    Organic base salts