Functional finishing

We supply specialized products to give functional finishing to fabrics, garments and other textile substrates made from different fibers which are currently in the market. These products do not have any negative effect on the environment.

We have the following products for sale:

  • Water and oil release:
    Based on new technology products (carbon 6) according to new and actual environmental requirements.
  • Soil Release:
    fluoric-chemical with easy wash of stains of different compounds, such as grease, dirt, chocolate, catsup, mustard, static, etc.
  • Hydrophilic:
    These compounds provide more hydrophilic properties to the fibers with a base of hydrophobic properties. And thus providing, the end user with this manufactured fabric, more comfort as they wear the garment. It removes the humidity from the body by absorbing it in a bigger area of the textile.
  • Anti-bacterial:
    These products preclude the proliferation of bacteria, fungus, mites all over the textile, while preventing bad odor and possible infections.
  • UV Protectors:
    provide skin protection incorporated directly in to the light fabrics which protect the skin against UV rays.
  • Flame retardants:
    They protect the fibers against the spreading of fire resulting from a source of ignition.
  • Anti-Ecstatic:
    They prevent the production of ecstatic in the fibers that have been treated with these products.
  • Stiffening and touch modifiers:
    These are diverse emulsions that furnish a particular rigidity to the fibers.
  • Water Base Coatings:
    These include Back-Coating, Black-Out, etc.
  • We can make the classification of our Emulsions as follow:
    Chemical Family Characteristics
    Vinyl Acetate Rigid Emulsions, sensitive to water with a wide range of solids and viscosities
    Vinyl Acrylics Emulsions with diverse elongations resistant to water. This range includes thickeners for printing.
    Styrene Acrylics Flexible emulsions for Back-Coating of high water resistance. Includes thickeners for printing.
    Acrylics High water resistance and high brightness. This range includes thickeners for printing.