Auxiliary products and Textile Dyestuffs

We manage a very extensive array of Auxiliary products and Textile Dyestuffs.

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Welcome to FODATEX

We are a Mexican company that began operating in January 2014, located at Naucalpan,Estado de México. We are focused on commercializing (purchases and sales) chemical products and Dyestuffs, as well as emulsions to textiles mills in all the wet processes, and those businesses which could use these products; Shoe, Agrochemical, Paper, Painting, Construction, Hat companies, etc. We also offer services and consulting for this area.

We service customers located in all of Mexico.


We have a lot of products for textile industry.

Pretreatment Auxiliaries

We feature auxiliary products for the processing of fibers, garment and yarn pre-cleaning; synthetic, artificial, natural as well as their blends, for continuous and exhaust processes, in order to ensure that the textiles comply with optimum conditions to the next process, including bleaching, dyeing, printing or finishing. We also offer de-sizing enzymes, (bio blasting), peroxide killer, detergents, and optical brighteners.

Textile Dyestuffs

We do commercialized dyestuffs for textiles, made from world lead international suppliers which have a complete range of products for this industry, covering almost every kind of fibers as well as specifications and requirements. All products comply with all International legal requirements.

Dyeing auxiliaries

We feature a wide range of dyeing auxiliaries covering a large range of substrates and their blends. By offering products to the Mexican textile market, we are able to avoid problems for the different dyeing processes such as low fastness, poor reproducibility, a bad levelling as well as possible effects to waste water treatment.

Finishing products

We can offer a wide range of products for the conventional textile finishing for all kinds of fibers and application processes. The high development of these products is in compliance with ecological and fastness requirements.

Functional finishing

We supply specialized products to give functional finishing to fabrics, garments and other textile substrates made from different fibers which are currently in the market. These products do not have any negative effect on the environment.


We offer printing dyes to the different textile fibers, as well as pigment preparations. We also offer Ink Jet and auxiliary products which facilitate the use and application of all these products to give color to the printed textiles.


We also offer a wide range of auxiliary products in order to work in the transformation of garments, such as Denim and other constructions of the laundry sector. These products include humectants, reserve agents, oxidant agents, etc.


We also offer two types of services Textile Consulting and Commercial Partner in Mexico.

Textile Consulting

We have many experts in applications and solutions in various kinds of problems, including areas of textile processing, from sizing preparation, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing. They are available as part of our consulting services to help solve problems and meet the needs that may arise with our clients, offering very competitive prices, tailored to their needs.

Asesoría Textil

Commercial Partner in Mexico

In Fodatex we have the know-how in the Mexican Textile Industry and the necessary structure to be able to manage the Mexican Market and other markets as necessary. Our wide experience in the needs of our clients and the markets has enabled us to reach success along with the satisfaction of all our clients and business partners.

Aliado Comercial en México

All our products are environmentally friendly and they are free of noni-phenol (APEO free), and are certified and are in compliance with all international regulations such as Oëkotex, Blue Sign, etc.


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